Lions brings Smart PIR Kits to Moscow MIPS

an IOT solution provider, with video as the core, attended MIPS 2019, at the booth B131, showing a variety of products, which include Mini IP PTZ, Smart PIR Kits, 4K LITE HD, AI IP camera , 4K-12MP IPC , 2M-5M AF Starlight , IPC/H.265 NVR, etc. The booth was full of customers inquiring and experiencing.
Smart PIR Kits

Smart PIR Kits

Smart PIR Kits was one of the hottest items at the booth B135Smart PIR Kits include PIR Detector Camera,Gas Detector Camera, and Sound Alarm Camera, it can form Smart Alarm Linkage in different positions o for the complex environment. As some normal cameras detect the potential dangers.
The working principle of PIR:
In nature, any object above the absolute temperature (-273 degrees) will produce an infrared spectrum.
In the passive infrared warning zone, when no objective moves, the pyroelectric infrared sensor senses only the background temperature .
When the moving object entering the warning zone, through the Fresnel lens, the pyroelectric infrared sensor senses the difference between the temperature of the moving object and the background temperature,

Then will generate the alarm signal after the infrared signal is converted into an electrical signal.
The passive infrared detector itself does not emit infrared spectrum.
How do the Complete Smart kits work ?
LP cameras (PIR cameras) detect motion object-trigger-send command 1 to XVR–XVR send command (Sound camera)–Buzzer until receive command 0.
LG camera (Gas detection cameras ) detects the concentration of the gas–trigger–send command 1 to XVR–XVR sends Command 1 to
LS Camera(Sound camera)–Buzzer until receiving command 0.
 When abnormality shows, the Sound Alarm Camera will respond quickly, forming a three-in-one alarms linkage to achieve all-round protection. Customers were happy finding such helpful kits for their places like factory, garden, house, garage and so on.

Our investments in R&D, both in IoT solutions and video surveillance, enable us to continuously innovate our solutions and provide innovative, leading-edge technology and products that are custom-made to the partners and customers in any part of the world.

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